About Internet Casino Porthos

Our website offers the best knowledge you can look for on the internet. We are here to teach you how to play as well as provide some tricks so you can perform them when you are playing.

So What Do You Do With This Knowledge

Our primary goal is to make you a better player if not the best player. You can expect to gain resourceful knowledge as well as becoming a skillful player. With that said, we can only provide you that edge which you must take advantage of. It is completely up to you to use this data on your own as we cannot manage you outside of this website. We are not responsible for your decisions outside of this environment so you must make those hard decisions on your own.

Here are some situations where you can seriously take advantage of:

At A Casino

Games including but not limited to:

  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Stud Horse Poker
  • High Chicago/Low Chicago
  • Follow the Queen
  • Guts
  • Chinese Poker

and many, many more. There are new games being made every day.

When you have this kind of knowledge, you may become cocky. You think you’re “it.” You’re a know-it-all. But just remember, everyone has this information available – especially in today’s age in technology. Everything is freely accessible online and the competition has only gotten harder. If you are trying to win money against other players, do not forget that they also have brains and they may be very competitive players. Your best bet in playing is probably baccarat. It’s quite easy to double or triple your money with baccarat or blackjack as long as you have the basic fundamentals because you are not playing against any players – no serious tactics required. All you need to do is know how to play and apply the right strategy by either doing probability math in your head or do some card counting.

Best of luck to any and all players who come across Internet Casino PORTHOS!