Thoughts that cripple your stacks while gambling

Great gamblers are known to be great for a reason. They have that unique ability of playing the mind game as well as the physical game. In fact, when it comes to player oriented gambling games, the mind is what separates the best from the rest. That being said, thinking is always a boon, but thinking too much can sometimes lead to your downfall. If you’re playing bet oriented games like poker, you need to be aware of a few thoughts that can cripple your stacks while gambling.

“I’ll keep playing until I can recover my investments”
Investments? What investments? After all, the idea of gambling is to have fun and predetermine a sum of money that you can afford to lose. There is no such thing as luck and there is definitely no such thing as investments in the world of gambling. You need to understand that if you don’t play properly, you’re likely to be the main reason behind your own downfall. Think logically. If you’ve already lost a great deal of money, the chance of winning it all back is next to nothing. For all you know, you could end up losing even more money.

“He’s bluffed before! He’s probably bluffing now as well”.
Never assume a player to be bluffing. Yes, most gamblers are looking for reasons to not fold their cards, but you really need to stand somewhere in the game in order to call a bluff. The thought that your opponent is bluffing his or her way through can end up having either one of the two effects – it can cripple your opponent’s stack considerably or it can end up crippling your own stack should you fall prey to the bluff. Make sure that you’re always on your guard when it comes to bluffs and always call a bluff only when you have something to back your game with.

“I really need to bet this time”
Being aggressive is a great thing when it comes to gambling, but being over aggressive can lead to your downfall. The key to being successful in a no limit table is to understand that aggression should be planned and intentional, it should not be automatic. The problem with aggressive betting is that once you start off, there is no going back. So make sure that your aggression is based on the strength of your cards and not on appearances.

“Good luck is just round the corner. I lost so much, now it’s time to win”
Every gambler needs to have a predetermined limit and understand how much can they safely afford to lose without having to alter their lifestyles. Once you cross this limit, make sure that you force yourself to walk away, irrespective of how dejected or sad you feel. It is always better to feel sad than to feel broke. The problems start when players begin to listen to their hearts and get carried away. There is no such thing as the time to win or lose. Remember, without discipline you’re likely to end up losing all your money (and a lot more) in gambling.

“I’ve already played too much to fold”
Yes, you might have already bet a huge sum of money, but how do you define a huge sum in a no limit game. Ultimately, you need to be able to draw the line, particularly if you have doubts about your own hand. Remember, it is always better to cripple your stacks than to go all in and lose all your chips. When it comes to gambling, always listen to your judgement and make sure that your mind dictates the game play. There’s no place for emotions in gambling!