iGaming in Asia

Continuing on from my post of picking a casino, I thought maybe we can switch it up today.
Between the next 4th and 6th of March, Macau will be hosting the next edition of the iGaming Asia Congress.

The event is focused in getting a comprehensive overview of the sector strategies and new marketing and development actions to be followed in the Asiatic region. Its the perfect occasion for you to study the efficiency of your business, to make new contacts and try to find partners in this part of the Globe, in order to expand your field of action.

For Europeans (and Americans), the Asiatic region could mean a crucial partnership, since we all know how big are developing some of these countries and their economies. Also, thee countries are experiencing changes in the laws, going from being really restrictive to being really flexible. Asia has realized that there is an important business opportunity in the gambling field, and its willing to exploit it. Not long ago we read in the news how the ambitious project of Eurovegas in Spain got canceled. Sheldon Adelson tried to justify this decision by blaming the Spanish authorities of not cooperating with the project demands. But the real story behind is that he got better offers in Asia, and most probably we will witness the eventual conversion of Eurovegas into Asiavegas, probably in Japan. This way, Japan will strengthen its touristic power, becoming probably the main touristic destination in Asia.

During the 3 days that the event lasts, visitors will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge about the regional and global legislation affecting the region’s gaming operators, how to approach Asian partners, and an introduction about marketing in the Asiatic region. Its very important to understand the social, cultural and political differences between Asia and the rest of the Globe.

For those who don’t know much about Asia’s geography, Macau is located in China. It was a Portuguese Colony until 1999, being then the last colony in Asia. You can find more information about Macao here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macau